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Effortlessly order a stunning custom book cover that captures attention and invites readers into your story. Pay only when you're completely satisfied.
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We tailor your book cover for compatibility with all the platforms authors love.

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Discover where traditional craftsmanship meets modern innovation. Our experienced designers excel in art direction, graphic design, and typography, applying time-honored techniques. They skillfully utilize artificial intelligence to create images and illustrations that align perfectly with your vision, ensuring each cover not only looks stunning but feels right for your book. This powerful combination of human creativity and technological efficiency results in quick, affordable, and tailor-made designs. Start your project today—no credit card required.
Digital First Impressions

Ebook Cover Design

Capture readers' attention with a stunning ebook cover customized for any genre. Our design process includes a consultation to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring your ebook stands out in the crowded digital landscape.
Swift Delivery: Receive your first concept within just 7 business days or sooner.
Flexibility in Design: Enjoy unlimited revisions until your cover is perfect.
Marketing Ready: Benefit from free 3D images tailored for marketing and promotion to make your book stand out.
No pre-payment required: You only pay once you're completely satisfied with your design, ensuring a risk-free process.
Professional Quality: Receive an upload-ready, high-resolution eBook cover that catches eyes and invites readers.
Extended Marketing Tools: Additional marketing add-ons are available to boost your book's visibility.
Licensed for commercial use: All images are fully licensed for use in your project under Midjourney's licensing terms.
Risk-Free Guarantee: Backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee for complete peace of mind.
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Complete Publishing Suite

Ebook & Print Cover

Maximize your book’s impact with our comprehensive package that includes both ebook and print cover designs for paperback. Consistent, eye-catching covers across all formats enhance your book's professional appearance and appeal to a broader audience.
Foundation Included: All the features of the "Ebook Cover Design" plus the following enhancements for your print edition.
Detailed Craftsmanship: includes a comprehensive design for the front, spine, and back cover of your paperback.
Seamless Design Extension: We extend your ebook cover design seamlessly across the spine and back, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance for your print edition.
Print-Ready File: Receive a high-resolution, print-ready file for your chosen paperback format.
Barcode Generation: We create a barcode from your ISBN for ease in retail and distribution.
Multi-Format Compatibility: Your cover is optimized for presentation across both digital and print platforms, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance in any format.
Risk-Free Guarantee: Backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee for complete peace of mind.
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Enhance Your Book’s Presentation

Whether you're looking to amplify your book’s market presence or need a quick solution without sacrificing quality, our additional services cater to every author's needs. Choose from a range of custom add-ons to complement your main cover design or select from our diverse gallery of premade covers for immediate customization.
Expand Your Reach

Custom Add-Ons

from $45
Boost your book's visual appeal and marketing potential with our bespoke add-ons. Tailor every detail from spine and back cover designs to promotional graphics, ensuring a unified look that captures attention.
Social Media Banners: Designed to engage your audience across various social media platforms.
Bookmark Design: Custom bookmarks that keep your readers connected to your story.
Amazon A+ Content: Upgrade your Amazon product page with visually rich content.
Promotional 3D Mockups: Offer a virtual, realistic look at your book in promotional materials.
Book Reveal Images: Exciting visuals to generate buzz around your book release.nal marketing add-ons available
Cover formats: Whether it’s a paperback, hardcover with a case laminate, dust jacket, or an audiobook cover, we customize your design to fit the platform specifications you provide.
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Quick Customization

Premade ebook covers

Need a cover right away? Explore our gallery of high-quality premade eBook covers. With quick and easy customization, get your cover ready without the wait, perfect for authors on tight schedules.
Exclusive Designs: Each cover is uniquely crafted and never reused
Availability: Select and receive your cover quickly, speeding up your publishing timeline.
Design Flexibility: Small revisions are available to ensure the cover perfectly suits your book’s title and author name.
Marketing Ready: Includes bonus 3D mockups for promotional purposes, enhancing your marketing efforts.
Format Flexibility: Love your premade ebook cover? Easily expand it to additional formats such as paperback, hardcover, or audiobook covers with our custom add-ons. This allows for a unified look across all your publishing platforms.
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See our custom book covers.

Explore our gallery of custom book covers and witness the creativity, skill, and personalized approach that bring each author's vision to life.
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At First Draft Book Covers, your satisfaction is our top priority.  We promise to refine our designs until you’re thrilled. Pay only when you are completely satisfied.